Professional Diploma Program – Bakery

The Professional Diploma in Bakery:

An intensive program, open to beginners, covering over 100 recipes and techniques, designed to set you on a career path to become a junior baker, a concept developer or a rising bakery professional.
The program has been thoughtfully designed to teach you the core elements of French and European bakery. You will learn new skills in each class, and step by step, you will progressively build upon them. The pace accelerates as you progress through each level, and learning is cumulative and fast.

From the traditional French baguette and croissant, to the many variations of Danish, or more advanced sourdough or gluten free breads, our Diploma encapsulates a broad range of classic and original recipes. The program draws inspiration from the rich traditions of French bakery, with a focus on principles and techniques of French referential for French National Professional Certificate, as well as contemporary trends set by celebrated international bakery chefs.
Since our curriculum covers a vast amount of material in a short period of time, this program is intensive in nature, and your Master Teacher will guide you to work efficiently from day one. Your instructors are passionate, accomplished professionals eager to share their expertise, and you will appreciate the kind of hands-on experience, personal attention, and support that can build your confidence and skills.

Our objective is to prepare you to meet the demands of working in a professional kitchen or baking house, with the proper techniques and work habits necessary to succeed in the industry. We aim to equip you not only with the skillsets and practical know-how that are in high demand among employers, but also with the disciplined and rigorous mindset that in the long run will allow you to climb up the ladder as a rising professional.

Our ultimate goal is to give you the essential tools and building blocks from which you can improvise, explore your own creativity, and contribute to the evolution of gastronomy.

The Program structure:

The curriculum is firmly rooted in the traditions and fundamentals of French bakery, while integrating some of the latest techniques, equipment, and contemporary trends.

The program is taught over 368 hours, organized into two levels.

Level 1: Fundamental Bakery (184 hours)

The Level 1 Fundamentals of Bakery is an exciting introduction to the professional world of baking. You will cover a vast amount of material in a short period of time, including the concepts, properties and applications that are the essential “toolkit” of a bakery chef. In a fast-paced environment, through practical sessions and demonstrations, you will learn to create a wide range of French bakery, Danish pastries, special beads and snacking.

Skills & techniques covered:

  • Professional bakery terms and definition
  • Organization of production and hygiene
  • Lamination Danish sweet & savory
  • French regional breads and different shapes
  • Sourdough bread (creation, refreshment, knowledge)
  • Enriched bread & Inclusion bread
  • Different kneading & baking techniques
  • Different types of flour in baking

Recipes covered:

  • Traditional Baguette
  • Liquide Mother dough
  • Viennoise baguette
  • Country Bread
  • Hot cross bun
  • Milky bread
  • Couronne Bordelaise
  • Egg tart
  • Vegan pumpkin brioche
  • Sourdough Seed bread
  • Croissant brie & ham
  • Flower decoration


Level 2: Advanced Bakery (184 hours)

Students need to have completed the Level 1 Fundamentals of Bakery in order to enroll into Level 2 Advanced Bakery.
Through cumulative practice, you will begin to master fundamental techniques covered in Level 1. Your proficiency will allow you to explore more advanced techniques and modern breads, organization of big quantity production and teamwork.
With a focus on precision and efficiency, the course aims to prepare students for the workforce, but also enhance individual creativity and artistic skills. Guided by the Master Chef-instructor, students will delve into menu composition and personal creativity themes, be prepared to set up their own bakery house.

Skills & techniques covered:

  • Gluten free bread
  • High hydration bread
  • Bulk fermentation
  • Chemistry of bread making
  • Plating savory items for service brunch
  • Bread base of wide variety of flour
  • Panettone (sourdough and yeast base)
  • Calculation of production
  • High-end Danish (bi-coloré, flower, snacking)
  • Bakery house concept, production planning
  • Creativity on designing your own recipe
  • Event organization

Recipes covered:

  • Koungiaman
  • Bagel
  • Benoiton (73% H2O)
  • Pain de seigle (85% H2O)
  • Crown buckwheat
  • Burger bun
  • Tartine Hot
  • Couronne Lyonnaise
  • Two color croissant
  • Gluten Free White Bread
  • Panettone
  • Croissant exotique

Teaching method:

At Institut Disciples Escoffier, teaching is very hands-on with practical in the kitchen lab. Background reading materials are regularly handed out to students, who study at home for the theoretical components of the course.

Our teaching method is highly interactive. A typical class starts with a short explanation from the Master Chef-instructor who will outline terminology, relevant food history, the reasons behind various cooking techniques, and the rationale behind following procedures in a specific order. Thereafter, the class alternates between the Master Chef-instructor conducting short demonstrations, and students preparing the recipes and repeating techniques observed during the demonstrations. Each class ends with a final tasting with the Master Chef-instructor to develop your palate. The pace of the program accelerates as you progress through each level.

Since our program is intensive in nature, an essential requirement to attend and successfully complete the program is a high degree of motivation! Are you concerned you will not be able to do it? You will not be on your own. Our classes are small, and our chef-instructors and chef assistants will be there to help you every step of the way, to provide direction and guidance as you practice.

Language of instruction: English

Classes and examinations are delivered in English language (with an additional Chinese translator in China). It is important, therefore, to have a reasonably good level of English in order to successfully complete the program. Some French cuisine terminology is covered.

Entry requirement:

  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • 18 years or older
  • Competency in English language
  • Interview
  • No prior culinary experience is required


Location: Hong Kong


Practical examination and theory examination

Double certification:

Upon passing final exams, you will be awarded two certifications with worldwide recognition:

  • Professional Diploma in Bakery delivered by Institut Disciples Escoffier
  • French National Certificate in Bakery (level 3) delivered by the French Ministry of Education

Who is the program aimed at?

A program opens to all passionate and motivated students!

Do you dream to launch one day your own bakery house? Are you aiming to begin a career as a bakery-pastry chef in the Hospitality & Restaurant industry? Do you simply aspire to improve your talents in French bakery and entertain your friends and family? If so, this program will provide you with a strong foundation.

The Professional Diploma in Bakery has been designed for beginners. It is aimed at all those who are passionate about baking, from food enthusiasts and young professionals, to career shifters wishing to venture in the field of bakery, or experienced chefs looking to hone their skills in French breads and Danish. Our students have a wide age range, they come from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds, yet they all have a common goal: learning from highly qualified instructors the skills and techniques required to become a professional bakery chef.