Story of Institut Disciples Escoffier

Disciples Escoffier International, founded in France in 1954, is an association dedicated to the culinary arts. Now counting over 30’000 “Disciples” in 30 countries, it has become the world’s largest chef association.

Institut Disciples Escoffier is our culinary school with several locations in Asia and Europe. We are recognized by the French Ministry of Education as a leader in culinary training. 

We strive to uphold to prepare our students for demanding careers within luxury hospitality groups and fine dining establishments.

Message from the Founder

Over several generations, we at Disciples Escoffier International have been advocating our own blend of tradition and modernity. While upholding the classic foundations of fine French cuisine, as laid out a century ago by Auguste Escoffier, we also strive to be at the forefront of culinary innovation, and constantly adapt to changing times.

Institut Disciples Escoffier Our Story Page
Institut Disciples Escoffier Our Story Page

Study at Institut Disciples Escoffier

We seek to inspire new careers, and strive to share with students our know-how and passion for fine cuisine and French gastronomy.

Our teaching methodology is fundamentally based on cooking techniques, with: Fast-track & interactive teaching; Small classes and individualized support; High professional standards and world-renowned guest chefs; Hands-on training in premium facilities; Double Certification from Institut Disciples Escoffier and the French Ministry of Education.

Our Mission and Philosophy

Our core mission and philosophy is driven by the legacy of Auguste Escoffier (1846-1935), the legendary “King of Chefs and Chef of Kings”, widely considered as the father of modern French cuisine.

Today, the “Escoffier spirit”, as the Disciples Escoffier chefs like to call it, means fostering the transmission of knowledge to new generations of chefs, striving to be at the forefront of culinary innovation, and supporting food-related charitable activities.

Institut Disciples Escoffier Our Story Page