Are you a passionate home chef who lives for the joy of cooking? Do you spend countless hours in the kitchen exploring new recipes? Do your friends and family rave about your creations and beg you to open a five-star restaurant? If so, it might be time to consider enrolling in a cooking class to take your skills to the next level!

What is Cooking Class?

Cooking Class is much more than just learning how to cook. It’s about honing your creativity, mastering techniques, and gaining a deep understanding of the art and science behind every dish. In a culinary school, you get to learn from skilled chefs and expert instructors, practising in real-world kitchen environments. This hands-on experience is invaluable whether you aspire to be a professional chef or simply want to elevate your home cooking game.

In culinary school, you’ll study essential topics like food safety, kitchen management, inventory control, and food purchasing. This immersive experience will sharpen your cooking skills and prepare you for the many facets of the culinary world.

Why Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is a culinary paradise, blending a rich heritage of Chinese cuisine with international influences. It’s home to 66 Michelin-starred restaurants and world-class culinary institutions. Studying cooking classes in Hong Kong means you’ll be at the heart of Asia’s culinary capital, surrounded by innovative chefs and a vibrant food culture.

Here are some standout culinary institutions in Hong Kong:

1. Institut Disciples Escoffier (IDE)

IDE offers diverse programs in cuisine, pastry, and bakery. Their Professional Diploma programs are accredited by the French Ministry of Education, providing double certification.

  • Cuisine Program: This 540-hour program, which is open to beginners, covers over 200 recipes and 150 techniques. It spans two levels and focuses on French gastronomic traditions and global cuisines.
  • Pastry Program: Also beginner-friendly, it includes over 160 recipes and techniques, covering classics like “Mille-feuilles” and “Opéra” cakes. The 504-hour course is split into two levels.
  • Bakery Program: In 368 hours, you will learn to create a wide range of French bakery items. The course is divided into two levels, teaching everything from baguettes to Danish pastries.

IDE’s interactive teaching method involves short explanations, demonstrations, and hands-on practice, culminating in tastings with the Master Chef-instructor. Supported by Disciples Escoffier International and recognised by the French Ministry of Education, IDE is a top choice for cooking classes in Hong Kong

Visit their website: Institut Disciples Escoffier (IDE)



2. THEi, Chai Wan

Founded in 2012, THEi (Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong) offers a Bachelor of Arts in Culinary Arts and Management. This program provides a comprehensive culinary education, blending practical cooking skills with essential management knowledge.

  • Core Courses: Students take classes such as Catering Management, Food Styling, Cuisine Culture, Regional Chinese Culinary Arts, Menu Development, and Food Supply Chain Management.
  • Electives: The school offers a variety of electives, such as Chinese Tonic Food Business and Food Photography, allowing students to tailor their education to their interests.
  • Language Courses: Students are required to take language courses as part of their culinary education. This aspect is particularly valuable for those interested in cooking classes in Hong Kong, as it ensures global kitchen communication and enhances their ability to work in diverse and international culinary environments.

The degree program lasts about four years, with each semester organised into manageable sections to prevent students from feeling overwhelmed. Tuition is approximately $3,032 per credit point. Those interested in applying must adhere to specific registration deadlines.

Visit their website: THEi, Chai Wan


3. Hong Kong Culinary Academy

The Hong Kong Culinary Academy offers a wide range of courses catering to different schedules and goals.

  • Part-time Courses: Ideal for those with limited time, these courses allow you to enter the world of culinary arts without compromising your daily commitments. Learn from experienced chefs, network with classmates, and build confidence in your cooking skills.
  • Full-time Courses: Designed to prepare students for professional careers in the Food and Beverage industry, these courses combine in-kitchen instruction, industry collaborations, and international experience. Graduates are equipped to thrive in culinary settings worldwide.
  • Daytime Intensive Courses: Perfect for those seeking to master specific kitchen skills quickly, these courses require a full-day commitment over a few weeks. They offer intensive training on particular culinary techniques, making them ideal for rapid skill development.

Visit their website: Hong Kong Culinary Academy


4. VTC International Culinary Institute, Kowloon

The VTC International Culinary Institute (ICI) offers diverse programs to suit various culinary interests and career goals.

  • Higher Diploma in Culinary Arts: This comprehensive program covers global cuisines and essential kitchen skills, preparing students for advanced culinary roles.
  • Basic Food Hygiene Certificate: Essential for anyone working with food, this certificate ensures students understand and implement proper hygiene practices.
  • Diploma in Chinese Cuisine: This program focuses on traditional and contemporary Chinese culinary techniques and is perfect for those passionate about Chinese cuisine.
  • Certificate in European Pastry: This course delves into European pastry techniques, teaching students to create classic and modern pastries.

The ICI’s state-of-the-art facilities span nine floors and include training kitchens, restaurants, fragrant herb gardens, and a wine cellar. Classes are available year-round, and program lengths vary from a few months to four years. Tuition fees depend on the program and are detailed on the ICI website.

Visit their website: VTC International Culinary Institute


5. ABC Cooking Studio Hong Kong

ABC Cooking Studio is located in the K11 Art Mall and offers a fun and flexible learning environment suitable for all ages and skill levels.

  • Class Types: The studio offers a variety of classes, including cooking, bread, cake, washoku (Japanese home cooking), and wagashi (Japanese sweets).
  • Small Group Lessons: With a maximum of four students per teacher, classes are intimate and personalised, ensuring each student receives ample support.
  • Trial and Seasonal Lessons: Prospective students can try trial and seasonal lessons before committing to membership to experience the joy of cooking in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Classes are held multiple times daily, making it easy to fit cooking classes in Hong Kong into your busy schedule. ABC Cooking Studio aims to bring happiness to dining tables worldwide by sharing the joy of cooking.

Visit their website: ABC Cooking Studio Hong Kong


Embark on a Delicious Journey

Whether you’re dreaming of becoming a professional chef or simply want to impress your loved ones with your culinary prowess, cooking classes in Hong Kong offer the perfect opportunity to learn, grow, and indulge your passion for cooking. Dive in and discover the flavours of the world in one of Asia’s most exciting culinary landscapes!

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