ICDE has partnered with Lactalis for its supply of dairy products.

Lactalis is a family-owned dairy group based in Laval (Mayenne), in the west of France.
The group employs 75,000 people, and owns more than 230 industrial plants around the world, in 43 different countries.

It is the number 1 dairy group in the world and the number 1 dairy and cheese group in Europe.

Lactalis owns a series of prestigious French and international brands, including President, and Galbani, sold in more than 130 countries.


A family company established in 1849, Raynaud is at the forefront of porcelain making in Limoges, representing the most exclusive symbol of refined French porcelain heritage, culture, history and craftsmanship.

Creating intricate designs, colours and quality that are fade resistant, stylish and timeless, using only the best quality of extra white paste is the speciality of Raynaud. Raynaud is famed for its gilded pieces, made only with top quality gold or platinum by a rare inlaying technique, which gives each piece a lasting resistance, beauty and unique radiance.

Today, Raynaud continues its legendary position of delivering authentic French know-how with dedication and accuracy, while spreading its wings with its creativity, design and invention, creating one-of-a-kind patterns.

Raynaud is distrbitued in Hong Kong by Heather & March.