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Launched by the world’s largest chef association, with small classes, experienced Master Teachers, and an advanced curriculum, ICDE is recognized by the French Ministry of Education as a leader in professional culinary

Auguste Escoffier

“The King of Chefs & The Chef of Kings”

Auguste Escoffier was a legendary chef and culinary writer, a pioneer of the fine dining industry and co-founder of the Ritz Hotels. He is widely regarded as the father of modern French cuisine.

Disciples Escoffier International

30 Countries, 30’000 Members

Today, the Association counts delegations in 30 countries and more than 30’000 Disciples. Our members include some the most well respected Chefs in the world.

Professional Training in French Cuisine

Learn from the Guide Culinaire

The curriculum is based on the tradition and fundamentals of French gastronomy. While integrating some of the latest techniques, equipment, and plating trends, the core program is firmly rooted in the classic foundations of Auguste Escoffier’s “Guide Culinaire”, the “Bible” of French cuisine.

Earn a French National Certificate

with worldwide recognition

ICDE fully accredited by the French Ministry of Education, and students can earn a French National Certificate in culinary studies, with worldwide recognition. In addition, our students are awarded the Disciples Escoffier Professional Diploma, benefiting from the prestige of the Disciples Escoffier International network.

The ICDE Experience

The high teacher-to-student ratio, a hallmark of ICDE, enhances the learning experience through highly individualized coaching.

Learn from our Master-Chefs

and world-renowned guest chefs

“Our French Master Chef Instructors are world-class professionals, with extensive experience in the fine dining industry in France and abroad. A number of renowned and Michelin-starred chefs have been visiting ICDE on a frequent basis, sponsoring graduating classes and contributing to our programs, through culinary demonstrations, exceptional courses etc. “

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