Pierre Paillé, Master Chef Instructor, Pastry, Hong Kong

Pierre Paillé is an accomplished and highly skilled pastry chef with extensive experience in the culinary industry. With a passion for innovation and creation, Pierre Paillé has consistently demonstrated his ability to create exquisite pastries and desserts that delight the senses.

Throughout his career, Pierre Paillé has held various positions in renowned establishments around the world, showcasing his exceptional talent and expertise. As an Executive Pastry Chef at Paul Lafayet in Hong Kong since January 2018, he has been responsible for driving innovation, leading the creation process, managing production, and ensuring optimal food cost management. Pierre Paillé’s commitment to excellence has been instrumental in maintaining the high standards of the establishment.

Prior to his role at Paul Lafayet, Pierre PAILLÉ gained valuable experience as Pastry Chef at prestigious establishments such as Pâtisserie Alain Guignard in France, Pearl Beach Resort & Spa**** in French Polynesia’s Bora-Bora, Hotel Fontainebleau***** in Florida, Miami, Restaurant Philippe Rochat – a Michelin 3-star restaurant in Switzerland, etc.
Pierre Paillé’s educational background includes comprehensive training in the field of pastry. He holds a CAP-BEP Pâtisserie from CFA in Angers, France, which he obtained in 2002. Additionally, he earned a supplementary certificate in Plating dessert in 2004, and a supplementary certificate in Chocolate and Confectionery in 2003.

With his extensive experience, passion for innovation, and dedication to producing exceptional pastries, Pierre Paillé is a highly skilled pastry chef who consistently exceeds expectations. His expertise and creativity make him a valuable asset in any culinary setting.