Enrolling at any higher educational institution tends to pricey, and often students find themselves asking, “Is this course worth the price of admission?” And it is not only the financial costs to take into consideration, but also the challenges of moving to a new location, being away from family, and the time it takes to complete the course. It is a lot to consider.

Before you intend to apply to any culinary school, not just world-renowned Institut Disciples Escoffier, it is worth asking the question, “What costs are involved getting into a private culinary school?” and “Is it worthwhile to pursue my dream career as a professional chef?”


What Do Your Tuition Fees Actually Get You at Institut Disciples Escoffier?

How much you spend to complete your degree depends on where you go and the kind of degree you plan to earn. Institut Disciples Escoffier is an international culinary school with several locations in Asia and Europe. We strive to uphold the highest professional and academic standards in order to prepare our students for demanding careers within luxury hospitality groups and fine dining establishments. Beyond the overwhelmingly positive response from students and the uncompromising support from our local partners, receiving full accreditation from the French Ministry of Education has been a huge vote of confidence in regards to the quality of our curriculum and teaching experience.

So, what will your tuition fees actually get for your bright future? Take a look at our programs that will kickstart your career in the culinary arts.


Double Bachelor Degree Program

Double Bachelor Degree Program in Culinary Entrepreneurship Innovation is designed for future professional chefs specializing in international culinary arts, French culinary arts, international food and beverage businesses, international hotel chains, or entrepreneurs in the food and beverage business.

Learn in Culinary School

You will be awarded certifications with worldwide recognition from Bachelor of Technology in Culinary Arts and Technology from Rajamangala University of Technology, Rattanakosin – Thailand, Bachelor of MACAT (Métiers des Arts Culinaires et des Arts de la Table) with an orientation of French and European gastronomic culture from CY Cergy Paris University, France, Professional Diploma in Cuisine delivered by Institut Disciples Escoffier, French National Certificate in Cuisine (level 3) delivered by the French Ministry of Education. 

As a student, you will spend the first three years in Thailand, followed by one year in France, with four months spent studying and another five months in an internship program. 

Professional Diploma Program in Culinary Arts

Professional Diploma Program in Cuisine

Are you dreaming to launch your own restaurant one day? Or begin a career as a cook in prestigious five-star hotels? If so, this program will provide you with a strong foundation to make your dreams come true.

Professional Diploma Program in Cuisine is an intensive program, open to beginners, covering over two-hundred recipes and one-hundred and fifty techniques, designed to set students on a path to becoming junior chefs or rising culinary professionals. Our ultimate goal is to give you the essential tools and building blocks from which you can improvise, explore your own creativity, and contribute to the evolution of gastronomy. Hence, this program has been thoughtfully designed to teach you the core elements of French gastronomic traditions, global cuisines and new trends. You will learn new skills in each class and, step-by-step, you will progressively build upon them. The pace accelerates as you progress through each level, and the learning is both cumulative and fast.

Classes for the Professional Diploma Program are available in Bucharest and Hong Kong. Since our program is intensive in nature, a high degree of motivation is an essential requirement to be successful! If you have concerns about the pace of the course or your ability to practice properly, you are certainly not alone. We provide personalized classes and our chef-instructors and assistants will be there to help you every step of the way, providing direction, assistance, and guidance as you practice and develop.


Professional Diploma Program in Pastry

At Institut Disciples Escoffier, our teaching methods are highly interactive. We encourage our students to be very hands-on with practical work taking place in the kitchen lab. Background reading materials are regularly handed out to students, who are expected to study at home for the theoretical components of the course: from the iconic “Mille-feuilles” and “Opéra” cakes, to the traditional “Croquembouche” and “Crunch Pistacchio Financier”, or more adventurous creations such as the “Tahiti Dream”, our Diploma encapsulates a broad range of classic and original recipes. 

Professional Diploma Program in Pastry is taught over five hundreds hours; it is available in Bucharest and Hong Kong, and is organized into two levels: Fundaments Pastry and Advanced Pastry. 

The ultimate goal is to prepare you to excel within the pressures of working in a professional kitchen or pastry shop, giving you the proper techniques and work ethic to succeed. It is not only the skillsets but the practical know-how, as well as a business mindset, that will equip you to climb up the ladder as a rising pastry professional. 


Invest in Yourself with a Culinary Education

Being a Master Chef, working as part of a well-oiled team, or even earning a Michelin star, are dreams that many people have but few manage to turn them into reality. If becoming a Master Chef is your true calling, you should not delay investing in yourself. Please feel free to ask us for further information: questions about how to apply, who are our chef instructors, or where our locations are, as well as contact information, can all be found on our website. 

So, is a culinary school education at Institut Disciples Escoffier worth it? Or, rather, is it worthwhile to pursue your dream career as a professional chef and open doors into the world of the culinary employment? The answer, we hope you find, will be a resounding ‘Yes!’