The Learning Experience

We are fully accredited by the French Ministry of Education, and deliver a double Diploma in French cuisine.

We teach small classes delivered by highly experienced Master Chefs, at Towngas Cooking Centre’s pristine kitchen facilities.

Small class sizes and hands-on training

Our small class size (maximum 12) and low student-to-teacher ratio, a hallmark of ICDE, enhances the learning experience through individualized coaching, a rarity among professional culinary schools. Teaching is done in English.

We emphasize practical training, to prepare students as well as possible for the “real world” challenges of the fine dining industry. From the first class onwards, students work with high-quality equipment, learning and developing essential techniques through cumulative practice. Tastings and instructor feedback sessions are integrated into the curriculum to anchor the skills and techniques learned.

Partnership with Towngas Cooking Centre

The program was launched in Hong Kong as a partnership between ICDE and Towngas Cooking Centre. Facilities are pristine, and generous kitchen space means individual workstations, so that each student can prepare his/her own recipes.

Teaching: highly experienced Master Chefs

Our Master Chef instructors have extensive professional experience in France and abroad. They ensure the delivery of our core programs, from fundamental courses for beginners to advanced continuing education for professionals. They are dedicated to sharing their passion and strong professional standards, and are supported in this endeavour by highly motivated and competent teaching assistants.

Thanks to the Disciples Escoffier association, a number of renowned, Michelin-starred chefs have also been regularly contributing to our programs, through demonstrations and specific courses.

Certifications: Delivering a double Diploma

Our flagship Diploma benefits from broad recognition in the culinary industry, and is fully accredited by the French Ministry of Education. Upon successfully completing the program, students are awarded two Diplomas: the Disciples Escoffier Grand Diploma in Culinary Arts, and the Level 5 certificate in practical French culinary studies (CAP/BEP level) delivered by the French Ministry of Education.